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About The Sacajawea

The Sacajawea was built by the Army Corp of Engineers in 1936 and christened Robert Gray. She was built near Seattle Washington for the purpose of surveying the Alaskan ocean floor. In 1936 Alaska was not yet a state and it was important for US interests to have some activity there. 

She is 127' long and weighs in at 400 tons of riveted high-iron steel. She sleeps 20. She was originally a steam vessel but was repowered in the 60's with a 750 hp Caterpillar diesel engine. She has 3 generators, a dive compressor, a desalinator a crane and a helipad!

She was purchased by Jess and Brian of Fathom Ventures, LLC in late 2018. We hope to offer her for events and experiences that will bring joy and awareness as well as celebrate her history. We are both in our second (or third) careers and this is a labor of complete love for us. I hope you will support us! 

We renamed her Sacajawea because we wanted to honor a strong and adventurous female from a time period before the boat's construction and with a tie to the Northwest. Sacajawea was a guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition and definitely represents strength and courage.